The sun has at last come out and although it’s cold the possibilities of new work come with it. I’ve been working on some new ideas for and installation at the Hen Fest in June which is in aid of those suffering from cystic fybrosis.  Continuing the theme of breath I’ve been looking at how we produce this and the fundamentals such as the heart valves.  Having come up with ideas and concepts I now need to be able to realise it in a practical way for it to be robust enough for both outdoors and interaction by people.  Last year Breathe was well received but elements of it did not withstand the interaction by people in an outdoor setting.  So off I go to investigate materials. I have been thinking that I need to revert back to some traditional sculptural practices such as mould making to enable me to produce something more robust, or the idea of fibreglass from a carved polystyrene form.  This however seems somehow anti my work by using materials that do the opposite of my ephemeral practice?  But I’ve learnt not to resist things but to try them out as something always comes from the material and experimentation.  In deed this lovely simple wind powered kinetic piece was such a joy to discover and on a sunny day.   I’m looking forward to where this will lead.