Edwards is a sculptor who uses deceptively simple forms to evoke the elusive complexities of experience‘*

Recent work reflects my ongoing interest in the influence that space and place have on forming ideas and on my making in my practice. Through the process of making and installing the work it takes on its own form and meaning.

The crux of my art work – is that the making, the actual process becomes the work itself. The enjoyment, the ideas, the discovery of something new all come from my engagement with the materials within a particular space over a period of time. I think that something that seems very simple usually isn’t and comes via a very complex set of ideas that combined have their own essence which is somehow satisfying.

Through the choice of materials I hope that they point to some of the things I’m interested in – impermanence, the ephemeral, an inevitability of change, new beginnings and endings, the extraordinary property of an everyday material. The addition of sound for me adds an extra layer of meaning through other senses.

A review of recent work can be found on the Axisweb website

* The Guardian Review December 2007

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