Art after hours

‘Art after Hours’ was a Bournemouth Fringe (BEAF) commissionn and consisted of a series of site-specific art-works based on 5 different businesses locally. Working with the themes influenced by each business along with the ‘waste’ materials Edwards created individual pieces of art that reflected the essence of the place.

Three of these works were made on site which gave the opportunity for people to participate and inform the debate in the making process.  A further two pieces of work were been made in advance from materials from a hairdressers & clothing alteration businesses.


As an artist the investigation of materials both practical and theoretical is the exciting part of my practice and informs the making process, the work presenting itself through a range of possibilities that seem to have a life of their own. The initial idea of making a piece of work in 3 hours aims to look at how work develops and changes. Through recording these moments when the different works emerge, morph and disappear over time I aim to capture the unexpected.


The process may only be the start and any finished or ‘final’ pieces may not emerge on site. These will form the basis of an exhibition in the future.

‘Art After Hours’ 2018

Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Commission