This exhibition produced a number of works Migrate, Voyage and 3,400 explore my on-going interest in ideas of mapping, time and the ephemeral nature of life. Paper has a long and complex cultural history. By working with its materiality I create pieces that raise questions of permanence, space and time.

Migrate: This drawing reflects the transient elements of landscape over time. The movement of the ink on paper maps a story, a trace of a journey of struggle and perseverance.

Voyage: This is an ink and tissue paper drawing that examines the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical.

3,400: The title of sculptural piece ‘3,400’ hints at the fragility of life – the white tissue paper boats look so fragile lined up together looking like shrouds, perhaps reminding us of lives lost by refugees trying to flee to safety.

Migrate, 2015, paper and ink
Voyage, 2015, paper and ink
3,400,2015, paper
Scry I, 2015, video
Flow, 2015, photograph
Reflections, 2015, Forest Arts, New Milton